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Forever Hydrate: Love the smoothness of the formula and how it feels on my face once I put it on. The creamy texture softens my skin and settles nicely into my skin. There is no residual  after applying. The very mild scent is welcoming! The mango scent is light and refreshing. 

The hyaluronic acid is a great added benefit. I am always looking for  multi tasking skin products and this face cream delivers!  

Even if you have mild to moderately dry skin, this hydrating face cream is wonderful!  

When I put my make up on I feel that the hydration makes my make up lay so nicely on my skin! It is a great weight for make up application! 


Wash: The face wash feels great when I am using it.  Enjoy the light foaming and gentle chamomile scent.  Feels refreshing and is a great cleanser: it does not dry out my skin. My skin feels refreshed and clean! 


Exfoliate: love. love love the mild mint scent and how exhilarating the mint feels on my skin! It is an added bonus to the gentile exfoliation.  The grains are light and smooth on my face. It is such an enjoyable experience, I look forward to using it 2 times a day. My skin feels rejuvenated afterward.  So smooth too. 

Darlene B. / R.N.

“In 2 days it minimized my pores and has my skin glowing and more clear. I’m excited to see the results within a week. I will keep you updated”

Monique R. / Hospitality

“I used your face cream this morning! Girlll I love it.” 

Taneeka M. / Interior Designer

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